Thursday, 18 February 2016

Welcome to Europe and Me, a blog for University of Bristol staff (researchers and teachers) in which they are invited to explore the relationship between their work and Europe.

This is, of course, a crucial moment in the history of Europe and contributors are encouraged to submit posts to the editor, Martin Hurcombe, that reflect on issues relating directly or indirectly to current debates surrounding the European Union.

The issue of the forthcoming EU referendum is obviously of primary importance to many of us. In particular, the blog seeks to offer a forum in which contributors and readers can contribute to an informed debate concerning the future of the UK’s relationship with Europe. This is, then a forum through which we seek to understand the nature and extent of the UK's, but also the University's and the city's relationship with the EU and how this might change following either a renegotiation of the UK's membership or its outright exit. Contributors are encouraged therefore to consider the intersection of their research with key debates and ideas circulating around the subject of the referendum as well as to address broader subjects, such as current strategies for dealing with migration, the prospect of a common defence policy, and others beside.

Submissions should be approximately 800 words in total and e-mailed to

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